I just want to share with you the story behind how I named Formula Ready.  I hope that you'll like it.

After quitting my job at AT&T as a software engineer, I have started my company and named it Baby Noah, mainly because “Noah” is the English for my son’s Chinese name.  Btw, I am still using it for my baby’s clothing brand till today, but I didn’t really have a concept name for the product itself back then.

For a year and a half ever since starting the company.  I’ve been looking for a manufacturer and designer to help bring Formula Ready from just a concept to life.  When it was almost done, and I was finalizing the package, with Baby Noah Water Kettle printed on there, it just didn’t feel right.  Like people would look at it, and knew okay, that’s a baby product but what exactly does it do?  So ever since that day, I knew I need to come up with a better name to name this product.

I just kept thinking and thinking, but nothing came out.  Until one day, I was on a train ride to a baby trade show with my husband.  On the way there, there was no internet or anything, so there’s nothing I could do besides laying back and just putting my brain to work.

I remember the train was going through a really long, pitched black dark tunnel.  And at that moment of complete silence, a light bulb suddenly came up to me.  So the device is a unit that helps mom make formula bottles faster, and it would help keeps water always ready at the perfect temperature for formula.  So why not just combine the two words together??? And that’s how Formula Ready came up!

I was so excited at that moment by getting it in my head, and I literally jumped up my chair, and was shaking my husband's shoulder back and forth while shouting “Get up! I got the name, it’s Formula Ready!”

After we get off the train, with the trade show being over.  I got home and looked up on USPTO, and found there’s no existing trademark on the name.  So I went ahead and registered the name.  Anyway, that’s how I got the name Formula Ready, and I like it ever since.  I hope this story behind naming Formula Ready has bring some smiles to your face :D

Sylvia Chan

Founder of Formula Ready