If you're a baby, you really only have three jobs: eat, sleep, and get your diapers changed. But as a parents, you have way too many jobs. And here are some bottle-prep hacks that could make your life as a formula-feeding mom a little easier:


No.1 Have your bottle prepare beforehand.

You don’t want to go rinse your bottle and sterilize them every time after you feed. Instead, prepare all the bottles you need at night time beforehand. If you’re going to need to feed three times, prepare three bottles in advance.


No.2 Use formula dispenser.

Whether you are at home or going out, having formula pre-measured can be helpful, all you need to do is to simply pour water from Formula Ready. Add in the pre-measured formula, shake and you’re ready to feed.


No.3 Use Formula Ready baby kettle.

You don’t want to mix cold and hot water every time you feed. By drinking milk that's too hot, not only would it destroy the nutrients in the formula, it could also scout baby's mouth. Formula Ready keeps water as a perfect temperature for making formula. So when it comes to time to feed, all you need to do is pour water from Formula Ready, add in formula, mix, and feed.


No.4 Make a one stop stop.

I stationed my kitchen counter with a drying rack, the formula and Formula Ready. Having everything in one place allow me to see when I’m getting low on bottles, and help make bottle prepping easier.


No.5 Partner up.

Don’t do all the feeding tasks yourself. One of the biggest advantages of using formula is that you can have your partner to team up with you and help out. So you can get some sleep while he does the work. If you have a partner who can help, make sure you team up with them to ensure that the baby is fed and love, while you get the sleep that you truly need.