What's The Best Temperature For Making Baby Formula Bottle?

The answer is 105 Fahrenheit degree and here’s why:


1. You don’t want to make baby bottle with water that’s too hot. Because it’s going to destroy the nutrition in the formula. You also don’t want to use room temperatures, because that will form clumps in formula. As a result, it’ll be hard for babies to digest.

2. Breast milk is warm for a reason, you would rather prefer your milk to be warm instead of cold before you go to sleep. it will comfort the baby and make them feel like if they are still in Mother’s womb. It makes them fall sleep faster.

3. Warm bottle aids baby’s digestion, Because when baby intakes cold formula, it takes part of their body’s energy to convert that cold drink into a warm drink. As a result that cause stomach ache possible colic and spit up.

      And for the three reasons above that’s why 105 Fahrenheit degree is the perfect temperature for making formula bottle.