Magic of a Crying Baby


Giving Birth

The whole trajectory of my life was changed on January, 2018 when I gave birth to Aiden. I thought I could finally come back to my normal life but I never expected where Aiden led me to where I am now.


Sleepless Zombie Mommy

I insisted on breastfeeding Aiden, thinking that it was the best for Aiden, even though my mom suggested she took over at nights. Just like many other Moms who suffer from painful, hard lumps when breastfeeding, I wanted to give the best to Aiden with all I had and became something I called a “sleepless zombie mommy”.


Came to the Realization

As I slept for less hours and got even more exhausted with breastfeeding each day and night, I became lost. I went to work during the day and took care of Aiden during those sleepless nights. My husband would tell me that it was only temporary and would get better. But deep down I knew that something had to be changed. I asked myself, constantly, “do I need to be perfect and sacrificing all I have to be a good Mom?” “What was it that I was doing wrong?” “How do I fix it?”


Night Feeding

I started formula feeding when Aiden turned 3 months. Warming the bottle had always been frustrating to me. I tried using a bottle warmer, mixing hot water with cold formula, microwaving the bottle, or using water of room-temperature. However, these methods either resulted in a bottle that is too hot or simply and annoyingly took too much time. Aiden would either cry for almost an hour, waiting for the bottle to cool down or end up drinking chunky milk because the water was not warm enough. As for me, I spent those long, sleepless nights only to make sure that Aiden could sleep well.


Magic of a Crying Baby - Formula Ready

I searched online for tips and a product that could help me prepare the formula in minutes but was very disappointed to have found none. What became the best solution to my crying baby was a water kettle that could keep the water in constant temperature. What was fascinating about the kettle was that it not only boils and sterilizes the water, but also cools it down to an optimal temperature (body temperature would be the best) and keeps it in that range for as long as you want it to. With the kettle, I could make formula ready in 30 seconds. Aiden was no more a hungry crying baby and I was no more a “sleepless zombie mommy”.


Software Engineer -> Entrepreneur Mom

So from there, my problem was solved! That was surely a happy ending to me. But was it? Deep inside my heart, knowing what every Mom is going through in those sleepless nights and the fact that there wasn’t a perfect solution to the problem haunted me. How could we, as Moms, take care of our BABIES if we don’t take care of OURSELVES first? Aiming to spread the idea of SELF-CARE, I started my own business and called it Formula Ready.


“The best time to plant a tree was 10 years old. The second best time is now. ”

The Start

I quit my job at AT&T, knowing what I was risking and I would be able to achieve in the future.  One day in the future, I would look Aiden in the eye and tell him, “Formula Ready was the tree that Mom planted years ago. We risked a lot and gave up tons. But look! The tree has grown so much now and I never regretted a single bit of my decision.”


On the Journey

Starting a business isn’t as easy as it may sound like. We encountered new ideas and problems almost everyday that we had to learn to solve. We have embarked on the journey for almost two years, during which we sold 3000 Formula Ready water kettles, received numerous feedback and supports and at times faced a lot of difficulties. However, it was the stories that my customers shared with me and their love that kept us going and improving our product. (Thank you to all the Moms for supporting us through the most difficult times! We sincerely appreciated it! )



Formula Ready has grown from just me into a company of 6 people now, all of whom worked tirelessly on designing and improving the 2nd generation of Formula Ready. With our mission to care for all formula-feeding Moms and our pursuit of quality, we would like to happily announce that the new Formula Ready water kettle (generation 2) is finally ready and in store now! To purchase the product, please click HERE to be directed to the product page and order yours today with a FREE two-day shipping in the U.S.A!