My name is Sylvia, I'm the CEO and founder of Formal Ready, and in this post, I'm going to share with you the story behind Formula Ready.


It took around 1 year and a half, before Formula Ready finally became a physical reality from just a concept sitting in my brain.  


After finding the manufacture that I want to work with to produce Formula Ready, I signed a contract with them back on April 2019.  Originally, the product is schedule to launched back in early February of 2020.  Unfortunately, due to like the Chinese New Year's and Covid-19, the launch didn’t happened until July, 2020.


Months before the launch, when the product are in the final production stage, I flew over to the manufacturer site to inspect the process.  Making sure everything goes the way that I want, and it's very excited to see Formula Ready being put together from pieces into an actual unit ,and being pack into box for shipping-ready.


So after that initial contract with the manufacturer the first thing ,that I did would sit down the designer and the manufacturer going back and forth .So if it's a what Formula Ready. It's gonna basically look like and  like the basic features of formula ready .so in my imagination, I want Formula Ready to have the circular surrounded face, so it feels like  like mom's holding the baby ,and it's just delivered up warm feeling .


I also want from that already to look pretty Morton and sleek in design, So it's not something judge mom's bought to use for the baby, but it's also gonna be surface,  like in Nice electronico appliance that they could put nicely and kitchen or nursery ,and it match with everything in the background.


And this process of designing the exterior take approximately two months. So the step after designing the exterior is to create the mould for Formula Ready. It's basically like a metal giant mould,  and what it does is that you pour in the melted plastic , and it will shape your plastic into the shape of Formula Ready.


So all those steps takes another two months to create it. And it take up to $30,000 just to create at those mould. It's a very costly process, and it's actually one of the most costly process aside from  actual manufacturing the product. After the mould has been created the next step is that, we have to test the mould making sure everything comes up perfectly.


We have to make sure the touch panel would go perfectly along with the base, like the sensitive level. After you're certain,  like the PC forward and motherboard and stuff like those .They will fit perfectly inside and also in turn from a user experience wise, it would be very smooth internal functionality and those are just Like what testing Moses so along the way does, actually a lot of little issues that I have to say back and forth and communicate with the manufacturer. For example the lighting this effect comes up nicely, if you can see it from distance that does the thermometer keep up.   But they take a lot of time to bridge that level of professionals. And that whole process takes around another 3 months.


In testing I chosen SGS .Because it's one of the world's largest testing agency for any physical product. And after finding SGS, I've asked them to test Formula Ready under the UL standard of 1082, so it's basically one of the most rigorous tests that you could put small kitchen appliance like water kettle and coffee makers. This test is not required, unless your product is really wanting to go into big supplier chain like Target and Walmart. But in terms of just  like manufacturing it and selling out online it's not required. However I still want to put Formula Ready under the most rigorous test. Because I know that this is a product that's gonna be used by mom for the little babies, So I want to trust work the large testing agency to back up against Formula Ready, knowing it's not just my word, but I want moms who gonna purchase that knows that it is a product that's gonna be safe for them to use and for the baby to use.


Now in order to get this SGS certification of Formula Ready is very long and costly process as well. Because not only they're gonna have the product that you send in the prototype, they also have to do a factory check ,and they have to do it three times per year. So basically that SGS agency is gonna send people to the manufacturer three times per year making sure the materials that's gonna be manufacturing formula ready and production lines and everything is up to date. And can pass out tests and after getting a certificate, Formula Ready could put the SGS certificate with the testing number on every single package.


This was the rough duration of how far a is being made in terms of the timeline. I'm just so happy that Formula Ready has finally bring into productions and it's ready to meet you all ,and I can't wait to share the happiness with you all. And if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


Sylvia Chan

Jun 28, 2020