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About Formula Ready

Formula Ready was a company founded in 2019 by Sylvia Chan, an entrepreneur Mom. Formula Ready aims to make the bottle preparing process faster and easier by help Moms make a perfect bottle in less than 30 seconds.

We are committed to promoting self-care for Moms and strive to combine convenience and practicality with good designs in our product.


About Our Founder Sylvia Chan

The whole trajectory of Sylvia's life was changed on January, 2018 when she gave birth to Aiden and start formula feeding.

She searched online for tips and a product that could help her prepare the bottle in minutes but was very disappointed to have found none. 

Deep inside her heart, knowing what every Mom is going through in those sleepless nights and the fact that there wasn’t a perfect solution to the problem haunted her. So Sylvia started her own business and named the product Formula Ready.

If you Wanna hear more about the story behind Formula Ready and how Sylvia went from an software engineer to an Entrepreneur Mom,  click HERE to check it out! 


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